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Black Friday sale 50%

Black Friday is a discount event that has its roots in the US and Canada. Black Friday has traditionally been connected with sales and large rebates from merchants and is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

The name "Black Friday" refers to the beginning of the Great Depression when the entire democratic world were struck on Black Friday after the consequences of Thursday's crash on the New York Stock Exchange. This happened on October 25, 1929, and the fall in stock prices did not stop until 1932. This year the rate reached the absolute bottom and the rise began. Just for the idea - the total financial loss on the New York Stock Exchange on October 24, 1929 was $ 11.25 billion ...

Today's Black Friday has a big response from the public, Americans are willing to stand the long queues for hours. They are also ready to fight for ”their commodities". Large chains offer a limited amount of products at an extremely low price. There are even documented cases where some rupture in the shops ended with the death of one of the contestants.

The advantage is that you will not be at risk while shopping with us. 😀 Buy our Carbon Dog Tags only on Black Friday Week from Monday November, 20 till Friday November, 24, 2017 for HALF! Yes, only this week you can buy an original gift for Christmas with 50% discount and Mils Pec Dog Tags with 30% discount!

Visit and take advantage of this offer! 🙂

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