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My Dog Tags

Design & order your own customized VIP Carbon Dog Tags.

Choose from a wide array of dogtag styles, fonts, silencers, and ballchains.

Our mil-spec dog tags are stainless steel military specification which means they will last a lifetime, and we offer a variety of materials and colors to choose from. Because our dog tags are completely customizable, you can create any type of dog tag that you need!


Dog Tag ideas:

  • ​Military Dogtags

  • Relationship tags

  • PET  ID Tags

  • Medical ID Tags - blood groups and personal identification data

  • Sports team Dogtags

  • Statement,  visions, goals and personal slogans dogtags

  • Memorial tags

  • Signs & Nameplates ideas

  • Gamer & geek tags

  • Special occasions tags, significant dates dog tags

  • Steg party tags/wedding tags

  • Company logo tags, favorite brand dogtags

  • Signs of the zodiac

We guarantee you will love your custom VIP Dog Tags!