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Our story

For a long time, we have been working on army accessories. As a result, we have become the leader in military and VIP DOG TAGS production, offering the fastest, friendliest, and TOP quality dog tags available today.

VIP Carbon Tags

VIP Carbon Dog Tags

Unique VIP Carbon U.S. Dog Tags became the most popular product of our website. Men and women wear these dog tags on daily basis and make them a real jewel. That's why we chose a luxurious and popular carbon material with the ability to engrave your own text or logos in gold, silver or colourless decent design.

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Original US MILSPEC Dog Tags

​The original US MILSPEC dog tags are spotted on original 1950s machines and therefore high-quality, deep and legible stamping is guaranteed. Dog tags are very well made, ball chains and buckles are made of stainless steel of top quality US MILSPEC. We guarantee you 100 % originality and all materials MADE IN USA.


High Quality Accessories

​​We supplies accessories for all your dogtags. For a new look add a different color silencer to your Dog Tags, they are interchanable. Dog Tags will last forever but the silencer will wear out over time. Always order a spare set. We also sell only high quality stainless ball chains.

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Stainless Steel Ball Chains

Short BallChain

4" x 2.4mm Complies with U.S. military specifications.

Long Ballchain

30" x 2.4mm Complies with U.S. military specifications.
​We offer custom dog tags. Our tags, chains and silencers are all U.S. made and the customization is done in-house.
  • Authentic US military dog tags.
  • 1000s of satisfied customers !
  • Life time guarantee!
  • Free Shipping worldwide!
  • We sell the real deal.
  • You won’t find a better price on dog tags!