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If you organize an event for your business partners, employees, or you just want an attractive gift for your guest, we have a unique solution for you. Our team will set up our original WWII machine and get all your participants a personified dog tag. The dog tags are debossed on original machines from the 1950s and therefore high quality, deep and legible debossing is guaranteed.

We guarantee 100 % originality, all materials are made in the USA.

Throughout the year you can meet us at various locations across the Czech Republic.

  • Army and military events
  • Motor show and meetups
  • Corporate Events and Teambuildings
  • Private and social events
  • Music festivals
  • Outdoor and adrenaline events
  • Parties
  • Sports events
  • Trade Fairs
  • Gaming tournaments and meetings
  • other events

We would love to work with you. Give us a call.

+ 420 776 513 721

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