Aluminium Colours Dogtags Single


These US Dog Tags are made of aluminum and colored surface finish, which allows laser engraving of text, but also simple pictures, silhouettes and company logos.

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These aluminum U.S. Dog Tags with a surface finish are made of aluminum material. Thanks to laser technology, we engrave your text, logos, or images on these plates. Thanks to complete personification, each Dog Tags set is a real original.

These aluminum dog tags are suitable for everyday wear or as a stylish gift for men or women.

The general format of the standard military label is as follows:

Line 1: Surname (up to 14 letters)
Line 2: Name, initials (15 letters)
Line 3: Social security number, PIN, or date of birth (15 letters)
Line 4: blood group (15 letters)
Line 5: Religion, state, or city (eg “NO PREFERENCE” 14 letters)

The general format allows the silicone damper to be placed on the carbon labels so as not to cover the engraved text and leave the text readable.

Personalize your dog Tags:

Of course, you are not limited what you write on your Dog Tags. You can customize your own set of military marks with personalized text at your discretion plus add silicone clamps and stainless steel ball chains from our wide range.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
e-mail: or tel: +420 776 513 721

Single pack contains
1 piece of aluminium military stamp (official size – 1.125 “x 2.0” x .014 “)
1 piece of ball chain (long stainless steel chain (27 “))
1 piece of black silicone damper
1 piece of unique laser engraving on your stamps

Engraving options

Double-Sided, One-Sided

Barva známky

black, silver, gold, green, blue, red, orange, purple

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