Original USA Ball Chain

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You should definitely own this ball chain as it helps to finish the final look of your military stamp. You can choose the ball chain from four different colors. The Dog Tag with a ball-shaped necklace become an integral part of the outfit for both, men and women.

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We supply accessories for all your Dog tags. We also sell only high quality ball chains, incredibly strong and durable ball chains (ball chains are made of 304 stainless steel, brass and copper).

Stainless Steel Ball Chains:

  • Long Stainless Steel Ball Chain – 30 “x 2.4 mm, complies with US Military Specifications
  • Short Stainless Steel Ball Chain – 4 “x 2.4 mm, complies with US Military Specifications.

Types of Ball Chains:
silver – stainless steel and Mil-Spec standards
gold – brass material
copper – copper material
black – stainless steel with surface finish

The chains have a fastening element at one end and the ball at the other end of the chain. Most people wear their dogtags with a long and short stainless steel ball chain according to military tradition. However, you can use them for many other uses, such as pet identification, key chains, luggage, mailboxes, things, and everything that comes up in your mind! All of our chains are manufactured in the USA.

Choose from the fantastic selection of our dog tags and chains. You can combine the colors of stamps, chains and dampers – and do not forget to add your own personal text!

Typ řetízku

Black (stainless steel), Copper, Gold (stainless steel), Silver Original Mil-spec (stainless steel)


Long, Short, Set (short + long)

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